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Even MORE Of What You'll Learn In The Vault...
  • Discover the fastest way to meet native English speakers excited to practice speaking with you - Totally FREE! - no matter where you live in the world!​ 
    [in the Smooth Communication Lesson Set's Master Class Video at 23:40]
  • Learn one of my favorite tricks for starting conversations with strangers anywhere that will help you make friends quickly, overcome shyness and build speaking confidence. [in the Puzzles & Games Lesson Set's Master Class Video at 21:49]
  • See how to start and maintain an interesting conversation with someone you're meeting for the first time. [in the Smooth Communication Lesson Set'sMaster Class Video at 1:10]
  • Learn the conversational ways to express more advanced words, so you sound more professional, but with words you can easily remember.
    [in the Smooth Communication Lesson Set'sFluency Corner Video at 4:30]
  • FOR PROFESSIONALS: Learn how to qualify your statements just like a native English speaker to prevent misunderstandings and confusion in conversations.  [in the Moments in Time Lesson Set's Master Class Video at 15:39]
  • Learn 16 essential "slang contractions" - and the incorrect grammar you should usethat will help you speak more quickly, and with smooth pronunciation. [in the Smooth Communication Lesson Set's Grammar Focus Video at 0:54]
  • Start expressing yourself using more interesting and colorful vocabulary that will impress people in academic, professional and casual settings. [in the Moments in Time Lesson Set's Grammar Focus Video at 8:12]
  • Discover the smart way to remember words and expressions so you never forget what you want to say in conversations. [in the Health and Fitness lesson set's Fluency Corner video at 0:40] 2010-2022 Copyright - All Rights Reserved | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy